All you need for smooth running of your Midge Magnet machine

Octenol - A short range attractant which is a by-product of skin and breath emissions, increases catch rate x 4. Octenol will evaporate from the tablet in 21 days and requires replacing for optimum performance.

CO2 Cartridges - Used to purge the machine from gas contamination, we recommend you purge the machine after each tank of propane used. Only use Mosquito Magnet CO2 Cartridges as other sources have oil contaminants and will stop the machine from running correctly.

Trap Nets - Vary for each model, at least two nets are required as some insects will be alive when the net is changed. Nets can be washed with water, do not use soaps or chemicals. Clogged nets will reduce airflow and lower trap performance.

Tank Covers - Optional extra to blend in the propane tank with the surroundings.

Trap Covers - Good for short term storage and to protect from excessive dust, such as when mowing lawns.

Quick Clear Adapter - Required to connect the CO2 Cartridge to the machine for purging.

Power Cords - Replacement power cords are available for the machines, only use Mosquito Magnet power cords as others may damage the unit and will not be covered under warranty.

Batteries - Replacement NIMH Battery packs are available for the Liberty Plus and New Pro models.