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Mosquito Magnet has been known as Midge Magnet, Midge Machine, Midge Monster and Midge Terminator.

The Mosquito Magnet is the original world leading proven solution for the control of all blood meal biting insects known as vectors. Including midges, mosquitoes and sand flies.

The traps convert bottled propane gas into CO2 via a precise catalytic process with exactly the right heat and moisture content. Biting insects, which happen to be female only, are attracted to the machine where they are vacuumed into a net through the Mosquito Magnets patented unique counterflow technology.

A mosquito magnet will outperform any other competitors machine, such as Texol Calor Midget, the Midgeeater Max and Europa Flowtron Power Plus Trap by at least 300% according to independent tests.


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